Courage🌟Honor🌟Loyalty is a Virtue!

ち丹爪∪尺丹工 爪口刀乙 is based out of Los Angeles CA, we started with our first renown design and manufacturing of the Bushido Mod. We strive in providing the highest quality of products and services. Our company focuses on designing and manufacturing the most exclusive innovative alternative vaporizer devices on the market.



Here at ち丹爪∪尺丹工 爪口刀乙 pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity has been our main goal. Our team core focus is to design, develop, and manufacture the highest quality of products within the industry. Leading the way with R&D while utilizing the most sophisticated technology and engineering available, without sacrificing the attention to detail in each and every product we  produce.

"In pursuing a ‘way,’ Japanese typically move beyond an interest in craftsmanship to a kind of sacred search for the ultimate."
-Morinosuke Kawaguchi